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…have 6,998,400 seconds to apply to Viable Paradise.

…bit by bit.

Have completed the Jennifer Pelland and Greg Van Eekhout interviews and will be netcasting them in the next couple of days.

Current Nebula Nominee and VP (IV) Alum Paul Melko has agreed to do an interview and we’re working out the timing.

Update:  Make that Current Nebula AND HUGO Nominee, Paul Melko.


119,520 minutes left to apply to Viable Paradise XI.

Upcoming Interviews

We’ve suckered talked Greg Van Eekhout (VP III) and Jennifer Pelland (VP VI) into interviews about their VP experience on the ‘cast.

Also, keep an eye open for the Radioactive Spider Episode where Jim Macdonald and Debra Doyle reveal the mysterious origins of Viable Paradise deep in the mists of antiquity the nineties.

I Should Be Writing

Mur Lafferty gave us permission to add her Drunken Revel’s Edition of I Should Be Writing to our feed. Not safe for work or children or goats.

I Should Be Writing

This was the end-of-week, blow-off-steam party at Viable Paradise X. There is drinking, there is cursing, there is laughing.

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85 Days left to apply to Viable Paradise XI.

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The inaugural download. I talk with Mur Lafferty, well known podcaster and writer, about her experience as a student at Viable Paradise X in the fall of 2006.

Mur Lafferty is dangerous!

Mur also podcast about this experience in a special edition of her popular show, I Should Be Writing. Listen to the wild, drunken end-of-week, blow-off-steam party in a later post.

Do leave us some comments after you’ve listened!

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