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… and will be until June 30th!  Details here.

Eight — 8 — VIII …

… more days to apply.

The Island Inn from Space

Where it happens.

Courtesy of Google Earth.

By the way–the deadline has been extended to June 30th!

Tenth Time is the Charm

I talk to Jim in his hotel room where it’s just the two of us but then…why is John Kessel offering to take off his clothes? We talk about VP and other workshops as well as Jim’s gig at the Stonecoast Creative Writing MFA program in Maine and the surprising number of VP students who end up there.

It seems the tenth time is the charm!

Paul Melko’s consolation prize is that he was elected South/Central Regional Director of SFWA.  This is a three year term.  Poor sucker.

It’s a Wonderful Town


Off to my old stomping grounds, New York, New York, for the Nebs. Hope to get in interviews with Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, James Patrick Kelly, Laura J. Mixon, and any others who make there.

Viable Paradise is well and ably represented on the Ballot. We have VP instructor Jim Kelly up for his novella “Burn” and we have VP alumnus Paul Melko, up for his novella “The Walls of the Universe.”

As I’ve said once or twice myself, “It’s an honor just to be nominated.”

Jack’s Shack at EoB

Did a post with a fiew pictures about Jack Williamson’s writing shack over at Eat Our Brains (which we mentioned during the Emily Mah interview.) Here’s a picture I didn’t put up.

Steve at Jack’s Shack

Laura and Emily

Laura J. Mixon and Emily Mah.

Emily was at VP X but she also went to Clarion West five years before. We that about what she learned and how she compares the two.

This interview was conducted near Portales, New Mexico on the ranch of the Williamson Cattle Company.

This is the shack that Jack built.

This shack was hand built by SF grandmaster Jack Williamson so he would have a place to write away from the rest of the family. He published in every decade from the 1920’s to the 2000’s.

Also, Drew Miller talks about “gotta,” “sparkle,” and “Ophelia Death Metal.”

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The Interval narrows …

… to 46 days. That’s how long you have to apply to Viable Paradise.

Glowing with embarassment.

Tiptree Award Shortlisted author Sandra McDonald tells us how she embarassed herself in front of James Patrick Kelly, what she learned, and why she is humiliated to this day.  Also Dave Thompson on cutting the prologue and inventing swear words.

The Outback Stars

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Kirtley, Mock, Jarvis, Thompson (need Moore)

I interview David Thompson, David Barr Kirtley, Lisa Moore (not shown), Sharon Mock, and Zak Jarvis and more. Eight people in a hotel room. No video. Use your imagination.

We should’ve take a group shot but then the mystery would be diminished.

Also Linda Daly on her VP Experience in one word.

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Goggles, Red Cape, Balloon.

Cory Doctorow, newest Viable Paradise instructor (but by no means the least experienced,) talks to us about the differences and similarities between VP and the six-week-long Clarion Writer’s Workshop and his initial (but short lived) skepticism about VP’s effectiveness. We talk about writer couples, assumptions, and the brilliant YA books of Kathe Koja.

Also Barbar Gordon on not lying there dead on the page (like a fish.)

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Land of Mist and Snow

Once upon a time in a misty sea, there was a workshop. Jim Macdonald and Debra Doyle tell of its mythic underpinnings.

Also Zak Jarvis on happier corpses.

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Here’s a little promo I did for Mur to run at I Should Be Writing.  It’s only a minute but I  thought I’d throw it in the feed.

VP Meetup in LA

So, as announced in the previous post, I’ll be in LA and it looks like we’re going to try a VP Meetup Saturday at 7pm (April 21st.)  Several people already interested. For more information see the Viable Paradise Yahoo Group.

Travel to LA

I’m going to be participating in the “Big Read,” an April 21st event put on by the Santa Clarita branches of the Los Angeles County Library System. One of the other panelists is David Barr Kirtley, VP alumnus and published author currently doing graduate work in screenwriting at USC. He’s agreed to do an interview for the podcast. I will be taking the train out and be there most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and would be interested in a VP meetup and the opportunity to interview other VPers. (Which I think should be pronounced “veepers.” Rhymes with “jeepers.”)

Paul Floats in Space Flaunting His Apparatus

Interview with current Nebula and Hugo nominee, Paul Melko. What I Leaned by Laura Strickman. Dances of Death and finding your community.

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…1920 hours to apply to Viable Paradise

Viable Paradise — Not For the Meek!

Jennifer Pelland on her experience way back in 2002–VP VI. That’s Six. Like Battlestar Galactica. Six.

Also Mac Stone on FEAR.

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Greg Van Eekhout is much better looking than this.

Greg (VP III) tells us about dropping a major SF editor to the floor and how it has nothing to do with one of his obsessions, Martial Arts. And, more seriously, about the things he learned on that island in the misty sea.

Also Evelyn Brown on frog sex.

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